Who We Are

fred and glenn are bouncy house experts

Hey there, glad to have you visit our site!  You may be wondering whose behind the scenes writing all these articles and reviews about a topic as specific as bouncy castles.  Well, we're Fred Moreno and Glenn Thompson, pleased to meet you!

Now the second question you might have is why do these two guys know so much about inflatables?  Until a few months ago, we owned a successful inflatable rental company.

​Students Become Entrepreneurs

Fred and Glenn first bouncy castle for rental business

It all started after our first semester of college (wow that was 2002!).  We were wrapping up finals and getting ready to work summer student jobs.  We were both languishing at the thought of working menial summer jobs.  But after seeing a bounce house at the local fair, we thought it would be worth trying to setup an inflatable rental company.  The concept of being business owners with what we thought would be little work was exciting.  Hey, we were students.

We started out with one inflatable structure that we managed to have rented out every weekend for a summer.  By the end of the season, we had enough money to buy four more for next year.  From there, the business grew to over a dozen inflatables in 4 years.

After graduation, we kept the business as a side hustle while we got full time jobs in finance.  The business kept growing for a few more years and we kept having a blast.

​How Things Change Quickly

We were both blessed with children at about the same time (2015 for Fred and 2016 for Glenn).  The commitments of being fathers meant we had little time for our bounce house rental business.  We sold in 2017 and created kidspartycentre.com.

​Our Mission

With so many bounce house options out there, it can be hard for parents to make the right purchase. That's where we come in.  kidspartycentre.com was created to be your go-to resource for practical advice on kids inflatable parties and bouncy houses reviews. Glad you're here and we hope our advice helps you throw a great kid's parties.