The Best Indoor Bounce House For You

The Best Indoor Bounce House For You

Thinking of a gift for your kids this Christmas season that will bring them and you not just hours but weeks, months, and possibly, years of fun? If you have the space for it, we’re sure your kids would love to have an indoor bounce house. Not only are they entertaining, but bounce houses are also good for your children. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Bounce houses encourage activity and children need lots and lots of time for play. For kids, play is essential as it encourages the use of their imagination as well as their cognitive strength and physical and emotional development. Jumping and running around also burns off excess energy which equals to calmer kids at different times of the day.
  • Bounce houses are great as a socialization tool. What better way to learn to interact with other kids and learn how to share or cooperate than through play?
  • Bounce houses are a safe way to have fun. High-quality bounce houses can endure a lot of abuse and usually carry at least one year of warranty with it. Just make sure to buy one that fits your needs accordingly.

Now that you’ve looked into the possibility of buying a bounce house, your next step would be to compare brands. We’ve made it easy for you by reviewing three possible bounce houses you might consider.

Wizard Inflatable Bounce House

This bounce house by Wizard Inflatable is great for kids ages three and up. It can carry a maximum weight of 100 pounds and a maximum individual height of five feet. Kids can do various activities in the bounce house such as play on the slide, shoot some hoops, or jump in the bounce area.

Features and Inclusions

  • The bounce house measures 9 ft L x 8 ft W x 7 ft H when inflated.
  • PVC coated Terylene/Laminated Oxford Terylene
  • Utilizes a Velcro opening for easy and easy access in and out of the bouncer
  • A strong and durable 120 V UL blower powers the bouncer (included in the package).
  • Bouncing floor is made of heavy-duty commercial-grade material.
  • Large pillars make for a sturdy structure
  • Comes with durable nine-inch stakes to secure the bounce house to the ground
  • Has a six-foot-long fill tube for the blower
  • Features a small slide, an inflatable basketball hoop, and a 5.3 ft x 4.9 ft. bouncing area
  • Made of heavy-duty puncture proof fabric and with double to quadruple stitches for extra durability.
  • The package comes with a 115V, 3.8A, 60Hz, 0.6 HP UL blower with a 25-feet power cord that is GFCI plug certified.


  • Easy to set up and to take down
  • Inflates in less than a minute
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Can hold about four little kids at the same time


  • Does not have a net roof
  • The air pump is very loud
  • Provided stakes are made of plastic which might break off easily
  • Ideal only for small children, around three to five. Bigger kids might find the bounce house a tight squeeze.

Blast Zone Sidekick Bounce House

This bounce house combo has a variety of activities to entertain little ones from the age of three and up. It contains a ball pit, a bounce floor, a built-in slide, and mini basketball hoop.

Features and Inclusions

  • When inflated, the bounce house measures 14W x 14D x 7.5H
  • Bounce House w Commercial vinyl surface
  • Max Gross Wt.: 400 lbs. on bounce platform
  • Inflated Dimensions measure approximately 14′ L x 14′ W x 7.5′ H
  • The interior bouncer measures 95″ x 95.”
  • Ball Pit Dimensions are 90″D x 37″W x 62″H
  • Includes UL Blower


  • The bounce floor measures 10.5 ft. X 10.5 ft which is 50% more bounce area than standard bouncers with only eight feet.
  • A netting, which surrounds the bouncer, comes with the package.
  • A divider also separates the ball pit and bounce floors for added safety.
  • Sets up in under five minutes
  • The ball pit is large and can contain up to 3000 small balls
  • Can accommodate a large number of kids. One on the slide, four on the bouncer, and two in the ball pit


  • The price is more expensive than the average bouncer.
  • Susceptible to mold. If there is any hint of moisture on the bounce house before it is put away in storage, mold is likely to grow.

Sportspower My First Jump ‘N Play Bouncer

This fun bouncer by Sportspower includes an inflatable water slide for hours of splashing fun. It is ideal for kids aged three to eight and has an enclosed bounce structure for safety.

Features and Inclusions

  • Made of durable polyester with PVC coating for enhanced toughness and strength
  • Meets ASTM safety standards
  • Package includes an anchoring set for improved stability.
  • Measures 12’ L x 9’ W x 7.2’ H
  • Supports up to 250 lbs. of total weight
  • Includes an air blower

Sportspower My First Jump ‘N Play Bouncer Pros

  • Has a safety netting enclosure
  • Can be set up in under five minutes.
  • Has an exterior mesh pocket where kids can store their shoes.
  • Three children can use the bouncer at the same time.
  • The slide can be used as a water slide or as a dry one.

Sportspower My First Jump ‘N Play Bouncer Cons

  • Does not offer much variety of play

Our Findings

Each of these three bouncers has their own distinct advantages. The Wizard Inflatable Bouncer is a nicely themed one with four different entertainments to suit your kids. However, the area is quite small and is ideal for little children only. This would be perfect for people with limited space. The Blast Zone Bounce House, meanwhile, is much larger and has more options for play. The downside is that the price is also more than double.

The Sportspower Jump ‘N Play is nicely in the middle concerning measurement and the most inexpensive among the three regarding price. The bounce area measures bigger than the Wizard Inflatable one and can fit in three kids aged eight and under all at the same time.

It only has the slide and the bounce area, but the slide can be converted into a water slide for hours of splashing fun. If you want a durable bouncer that can accommodate kids of different ages at a reasonable price, then we recommend the Sportspower Jump ‘N Play Bouncer for you.

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