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A Review of Art to Real’s Yard Inflatable Bounce House Castle Jumper Moonwalk Bouncer

A Review of Art to Real’s Yard Inflatable Bounce House Castle Jumper Moonwalk Bouncer

For a kid, a bouncy castle in their home backyard is like having their dreams come true. Little kids are bundles of energy and imagination, and to them; a big inflatable bounce house can look like anything from a fort in medieval times to a gravity-less planet far, far away in outer space.

But parents can’t just buy their kids any old bouncy castle. Kids go nuts over these things, and sometimes poorly made playhouses can’t handle all that energy.

That may pose a playtime danger, as inflatable playhouses that suddenly deflate can result in your little one landing on a surface that won’t support his or her weight. A little scratch is one thing, but a broken arm can cost you and your tyke a lot of pain — physical for your child, financial for you.

With all that in mind, it’s vital that you find an inflatable playhouse that doesn’t just look and feel fun but ensures the safety of your kids. If you haven’t decided on one yet, this inflatable bounce house might just be the answer. Let’s take a closer look at Art to Real’s Yard Inflatable Bounce House’s main features.


  • Size dimension is at 12.1 inches in length, 8.5 inches in width, and 6.9 inches in height.
  • The actual play area size is 8.5 x 8.5 feet.
  • Weighs 52.92 pounds
  • This inflatable bounce house’s body is made of strong, secure, waterproof, fire-resistant, and puncture-proof 420D polyester-coated PVC.
  • Its floor is also made of quality, waterproof, fire-resistant, and puncture-proof PVC tarpaulin, bouncy materials.
  • This bounce house is equipped with a high-quality mesh that has small holes for it to be safe for kids.
  • It has anchors or D-rings to enhance stability.
  • The playhouse is constructed of double-stitched reinforced seams, which seal up the bounce house to a level where air cannot escape.
  • The playhouse comes with a blower and plug, making it incredibly fast and easy to set up and pack up.
  • The whole bounce house inflates and deflates in under five minutes.
  • The bounce house is foldable and comes with its own carrying bag, which means that it is quite easy to store.
  • Also comes with a repair kit, instruction manual, and four pieces of ground sticks.


  • Arguably the biggest pro of this particular bounce house is its durability, which, in turn, provides safety. It ensures durability from the material of the tarps to the netting, all the way down to the type of seams used to sew everything shut. This attention to detail should make you feel secure knowing that the creators really had your kids in mind when crafting this product.
  • Aside from safety, the durability of materials also makes this playhouse able to withstand tough conditions like rain and even fire. It’s the type of playhouse that you can leave out and still expect to find clean and intact.
  • Another big plus is how easy this playhouse is to assemble and disassemble. It can be set up in just under five minutes, which is wonderful for parents with excitable and hyper kids. Kids can get bored quickly too, and once they’re done playing, it’s no hassle to pack up and put the bouncy castle in storage. Busy parents can rest easy with this cool feature.


  • Unfortunately, for parents with a lot of kids, this bouncy castle might be too small. It’s got a maximum weight capacity of up to 250 pounds, which can only hold just three to four kids. If you have more than four kids under nine years old, you might have a problem. Remember that your kids will want to invite their friends over to play too.
  • As noted above, the best age range to use this device is between four and nine years old. Older kids might find the castle too small for them.


This bouncy castle seems to have been made with utmost care, having gone through a lot of steps to ensure its durability and safety. The secure, waterproof, fire-resistant, and puncture-proof materials that are carefully sewn together provide peace of mind to parents.

Its quick and efficient assembly and disassembly help aid busy-body parents to give their kids the most fun, even though they don’t have a lot of time for play. 


The Cloud 9 Mini Crayon Bounce House stands to be a solid competitor for our bounce playhouse in review. But, how do they rank when put side by side?

Well, this model in review is very similar to the Cloud 9 Mini Crayon Bounce House, all the way down to the design; save for the use of crayons as pillars instead of towers. With that being said, it’s not too hard to compare the two.

They are also very similar in their safety provisions, even in terms of the heavy-duty stitching. However, the Cloud 9 bounce house does not come with its own blower or air pump, so you will have to spend extra on this. 


Do you remember being a kid jumping up and down the bed, feeling like you’re defying gravity? These are cheap thrills compared to the bouncy castles and playhouses of today.

They are not just oodles more fun but are also safer compared to the springy mattress alternative. And of course, as parents, you want the very best for your kids.

Overall, this bouncy castle playhouse seems like a real winner. It’s got all the makings of a fun afternoon with some friends, all while letting parents breathe, from the safety provisions, down to the easy assembly. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild and free, pretending to be astronauts, gymnasts, superheroes, and whatever else they can come up with, with this awesomely durable, heavy-duty bounce house from Art to Real’s Yard Inflatable Bounce House’s main features. It’s a wonderful thing to have in your backyard, especially during family gatherings, sleepovers, and block parties so that kids can stay occupied in a safe but fun environment.

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