Renting Vs Buying An Inflatable Playground

Renting Vs Buying An Inflatable Playground

Whether your child is having a birthday party or you simply want to encourage more time outdoors, a bounce house is a great idea. Inflatable playgrounds are always a hit among children and their friends as they allow bouncing sliding and climbing.  They're also much safer than the dreaded trampoline.

An inflatable bounce house will provide countless hours of fun in the backyard. Not to mention, it also gets your child more exercise. In this article, we'll help you decide if renting or buying an inflatable bounce house is the way to go.

Benefits Of An Inflatable Bounce House

Jumping around is vigorous exercise that activates the major muscle groups in the body. This sort of play is important in a child's development.  It increases their hand-eye coordination, promotes good cardiovascular exercise and develops their social skills.  Not to mention, it gets them playing outside.  Finding ways to get your child fresh air and vitamin D isn't always obvious between daycare or school and their weekend lessons or courses.

A couple of kids playing on bouncing castle

Children with weight issues are likely to benefit from jumping around in an inflatable playground. Jumping around burns a large amount of calories compared to other forms of activity.  However, inflatable bounce houses don't just promote jumping.  It's likely your kid will run around the structure with friends.  We've found that most of the time, the inflatable also serves as a great obstacle for running games like 'tag'.

As adults, we assume we're the only ones that deal with stress.  However, recent studies appear to indicate that kids feel tension and anxiety too.  Jumping around in a bouncy castle can relieve stress. This can help your kids unwind any negative energy build up. 

Renting Inflatable Playground

Bounce houses have become insanely popular in the last 5 years.  Manufacturers keep finding ways to make them cheaper and new age materials make them stronger.  Because of their historically high prices, buying an inflatable bounce house was out of most parent's budgets.  Not to mention that old materials weighed significantly more than modern ones.  Old bouncy castles were incredibly heavy to move around.

Advantages Of Renting An Inflatable Playground

For the reasons mentioned above, inflatable rental businesses were a great alternative for parents wanting to throw a unique kid's birthday party. Nowadays, renting an inflatable playground still has its merits, however, we believe most families could benefit from buying. Let's take a look at the advantage of renting an inflatable playground:

Easy Set Up And Wrap Up

Perhaps the most appealing feature of renting an inflatable bounce house is that it requires no preparation on your end.  All you need is to provide an open space and an electrical outlet.  From there, the rental company drops off the bounce house, sets it up and takes care of the inflating.

Kids playing on bouncing house

Once the party is over, you don't need to lift a finger.  The rental company arrives, deflates the structure and packs it all up.  You don't need to worry about folding the bounce house the right way or making sure it's packed down properly for storage.  Someone else does it for you.

Choose From A Wide Range Of Options

Most bounce house rental companies offer a wide selection of types of bounce houses.  Want to rent an inflatable maze?  A dual level bouncy castle with climbing features?  The rental company should have those available for you.  Since you'll be renting the bounce house, you don’t have to worry about being stuck with the same design for 4-5 years.  Year after year, your kids will experience something new and won't get bored from playing in the same structure. 

Themed Fun

Another notable advantage of renting a bounce house is that rental companies offer a number of themes and styles. Whether you're hosting a princess-themed birthday party or a pirate-themed fundraiser, you'll be able to find the right bounce house.  Again, because you're renting, you don't have to worry about being stuck with the same theme year after year.  This is practical if you have boys and girls in your family.

Options For All Ages

A small boy playing on bouncing castle

Nowadays, you're not restricted to only choosing traditional bounce houses that only young children will enjoy. Many rental companies offer a selection suitable for various age ranges.  In fact, you can even find bouncy castles for adults!  

You can choose from a variety of obstacle courses that are perfect for older children. These inflatable structures will encourage friendly competition among your kids.

Disadvantages Of Renting An Inflatable Playground

Renting a bounce house may seem like the simpler solution but there are also disadvantages you need to keep in mind:


If your kids get addicted to the fun of an inflatable bouncy castle, they may beg to have the structure back for another day.  This can end up being quite costly.  In the long run, purchasing your own bounce house online will be more cost-effective than renting.  Most parents would get their money back after 2 or 3 rentals (depending on the size and model of the inflatable).  

Renting a bounce house is typically only an economical option for folks who require it for a single event.  Odds are, your kids will want a bouncy castle for regular weekend play.


If not cleaned properly, a bounce house can become a germ fest. Don't forget that rented inflatable bouncer are used by children from all around town.  Who know what kinds of bacteria may be lurking around.

Kid playing on bouncing castle

To be fair, most reputable rental companies will sanitize their equipment regularly.  However, you're putting cleanliness in someone's hands.  When you buy, you're in control of who comes to play in the bounce house.  If you're particular about cleanliness, you can even sanitize after every event.

Time Restrictions

Children have an endless amount of energy and in our experience can jump in a bounce house for hours. If you intend on renting the structure, you will only be able to use it for a particular amount of time.  Most rental companies will drop off the structure at 10AM and pickup between 3 and 5PM

This can be a major disadvantage if you have kids who want to spend more time on the inflatable structure. By purchasing one for your personal use, you no longer have to worry about time restrictions.  You can even run it into the night if you have a sleepover!

Checking For Existing Damage

Although you don't have to lift a finger when you rent, you'll still need to be careful by inspecting for pre-existing damage on the inflatable.  This is similar to when you rent a car.

Buying An Inflatable Playground

A bounce house is a great investment and will keep your little ones entertained for countless weekends. If you're unsure if renting is for you, these points will likely convince you do by instead: 

Advantages Of Buying An Inflatable Playground

Purchasing a bounce house eliminates the trouble of paying a rent. This allows you to set up the bounce house according to your convenience. Here are some advantages of buying a bounce house:

Cost-Effective In The Future

Buying an inflatable bounce house will inevitably be cheaper in the long run than renting.   Not to mention, once your kids are too old for the bouncy castle, you can consider selling it.  Here's a quick look at the costs involved in buying vs renting a bouncy castle: 


Purchase Comparison 1

Purchase Comparison 2

commercial bounce house for kids of all ages
fun and exciting inflatable bouncy castle for kids
Father with kids on Little Tikes Bouncer

$100 per day

Under $400

(profitable after 4 uses)

Under $200

(profitable after 2 uses)

​As you can see, buying a bouncy castle can become profitable quite quickly.  If you deploy it a few weekends per summer, it practically pays for itself.

If you keep your inflatable clean and follow the manufacturer's recommendations, you may even be able to sell it after a few years.  Used bouncy castles in good condition sell for about 1/2 to 1/3 of the original purchase price.  For example, a $300 bounce house sells for about $100 on Craigslist or Kijiji.  Get more than two uses out of it and you're ahead!

Your Kids Will Love It

A couple of kids playing on bouncing castle

​It may sound silly to adults, but kids take pride of ownership in their bouncy castle.  It's something they can show off to their friends.

For some inexplicable reason, kids love inflatable bounce houses.  Maybe because it's a place they can be themselves and goof around without risking getting hurt?

Regardless, we have yet to come across children that don't go crazy at the thought of playing in one.  You can be sure whichever model you choose, your kids will absolutely love their bouncy castle.​

Bring It Anywhere

Because you own the inflatable bounce house, you can bring it anywhere.  Your kids will be able to enjoy hours of bouncing around at the in-laws', at the camp ground or even at another kid's birthday party.  Things can get pretty creative when 2 or 3 other parents also bought a bouncy castle for their kids.​

Perfect For Rainy Days

Depending on the model you selected, you may be able to setup your bouncy castle indoors or in your garage.  Rental bouncers are typically too large to fit inside a house.  A small or medium-sized bouncer can fit in most living rooms.

This feature shouldn't be overlooked.  Rainy or windy day?  No problem.  Just take the bouncer out from storage and your kids will still get the exercise they need.

Social Benefits

There are many social benefits of purchasing a bouncy house, mainly because it will encourage your kid to make new friends. Similar to a swimming pool or playhouse, your kid will be the star of the block as everybody will want play and hang out with them.

This will help boost their confidence and raise their self-esteem. If your child is the new kid in the neighborhood, investing in a bouncy house can improve their social circle and make it possible for them to make new friends.

Disadvantages Of Buying An Inflatable Playground

While there are no major disadvantages of purchasing a playground, there are two slight disadvantages.  First, you'll have to pay the initial cost of the bouncer.   Second, you'll have to be careful at selecting a style and theme that your kids will enjoy for a few years.  Luckily, there's a bunch of great options out there to suit most budgets and family makeups.


Hopefully this article has provided your enough information about whether you should rent or buy an inflatable playground. From our experience, parents that buy bounce houses don't regret it.  All you have to do is look at Amazon reviews to get a sense of customer satisfaction.

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