A great value double slide bounce house perfect for kids parties

Little Tikes Double Fun Slide ‘n Bounce Review

Sometimes kids need more than a large bouncing area to stay occupied.  This is especially true at ages 3 and up when playtime starts to involve creativity.  Parents with more than one child may also find it difficult to find a perfect bounce house for all ages.  After all, no one wants to buy a model the whole family can't enjoy.

Little Tikes manages to bridge that gap with the Double Fun Slide 'n Bounce.  It offers a traditional bounce area as well as a safe climber.  Once on top of the structure, kids can safely slide back down.  Little Tikes hits it out of the park with top-tier safety features.  Overall, this is a great inflatable bouncer for the price. 


We feel the Double Fun Slide 'n Bounce offers an excellent mix of features at a reasonable price range.  Here are some of the features that make this an excellent choice for parents looking at buying a bouncer:

Integrated Double Slide

You probably figured it out by its name: this bouncy castle features two slides.  The main one is the typical Little Tikes entrance slide.  This a standard design in many of Little Tikes' bounce houses where oversized slide walls are integrated into the pillars of the bouncer. This feature guarantees safety since kids can't fall through a gap between the two.  They either bounce off a wall or onto the gentle slide. The front slide is also great for parents with toddlers.  Young ones can climb in and out safely without adult help. 

Little Tikes decided one slide wasn't enough fun and added a second-level curved slide.  Kids climb from the side using reinforced handles.  Once on top, they slide down to the main bounce area.  We're usually apprehensive at the idea of second level curved slides as it's easy for a child to fall off when coming back down.  However, Little Tikes thought it through and added mesh netting to the side of the wall.  This guarantees no child can fall off the slide. 

What's great about both slides is that they're integrated into the frame of the main bouncer.  Both slides can't separate from the structure which could create a gap kids could fall through.

The only criticism we have of the main slide is the area where kids climb up to the second level.  If a child happens to fall backwards, there isn't much bounce area to catch him or her.  We've only seen injuries occurring from these types of designs when kids rough house.  Luckily, proper supervision reduces any risks of injury​ from this particular area.

Everyone Can Join In

Girl with Little Tikes Bouncer

​This particular unit's main bounce area measures approximately 4 x 5 feet.  While not as big as other straight 'bounce-only' units, the double slides invites kids to play both in and out of the bouncer.  Kids will burn more energy and are less likely to get bored this way.

From a practical perspective, the main bounce area fits 3 children comfortably.  We don't recommend allowing more in the main area.  However, more than 3 children can enjoy the entire structure at one time.  For example, one could be on the slide, 3 in the bounce area, and 2-3 running around the structure.

Easy Setup and Wrap-Up

Despite its rather complicated look, the Double Fun Slide 'n Bounce is just as easy to setup as any other bouncy castle on the market.  Simply take it out of the bag, connect the blower and plug it in.  The entire unit takes under 5 minutes to setup and inflate.

Fully packed in its provided carry bag, the Double Fun Slide 'n Bounce weighs just over 45 lbs without the blower.  This makes it remarkably easy to move around and get into position.  The longest part of the setup is installing the anchoring pegs.  This is especially crucial for the Double Fun Slide 'n Bounce because of the second level.  It can catch wind and blow over if not anchored to the ground.

The bounce house takes less than 10 minutes to deflate and wrap up.  A slight annoyance we had was how careful we had to be to pack the inflatable back into the bag.  It needs a bit of convincing, but it's by no means difficult.

Safety Features

​The jumping area is enclosed by tall mesh walls that ensure all children, old or young, don't fall out the sides. The mesh is thin enough that parents can keep an eye on the kids' activity in and around the bounce house.  It also allows the wind to pass through which keeps kids cool during summer days.

As we mentioned earlier, the curved slide is fully enclosed, reducing the risk of falls from the play structure.  ​If toddlers are in the mix, the main front slide allows them to easily get in an out.  This is great for parents who don't want to worry about their young ones falling from the main bounce area onto hard ground.  It also gives them a bit more independence as they don't have to ask for help getting in.

Materials And Stitching

The fabric of this bounce house are of good quality.  We're impressed at the mesh netting and how it's solid enough to stop even a 10 year old.  We can't foresee it giving wearing out under normal conditions.


  • ​Two slides, double the fun!
  • Mesh netting keeps kids safe
  • ​Good quality mesh netting
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Suitable for wide range of ages


  • Could have more protection in climbing area of second slide
  • Smaller bounce area

What Others Say

The ​Little Tikes Double Fun Slide 'n Bounce gets overwhelmingly positive reviews.  Buyers all say the same thing: their kids go crazy when they see the bounce house inflate.  The second slide is a huge hit and kids love the climbing feature.

We've found no parents who had issues setting up or putting away the inflatable.  However, some users point out that you need to be careful when packing it away as the carry bag Little Tikes provides is rather 'snug'.

We couldn't find an instance of a kid falling off the top portion of the bouncy castle under normal conditions.

Little Tikes Bouncer set

A few parents noted that if they have older kids playing, it's really important to make sure the begs are properly installed.  If not, the structure could topple over.  We recommend this, not only for heavier kids, but in case a sudden gust of winds blows through.  An unsecured inflatable bounce house can be a dangerous thing.​

One parent criticized the Double Fun Slide 'n Bounce for not having a top cover.  This leaves the kids exposed to the hot sun.  If you live in a hot area like the American Southwest, maybe consider a bounce house that offers shade. 

Parents who bought the product are particularly happy with the safety features of this bounce castle. It's been mentioned that it keeps kids safe and inside the structure at all times.

Market Comparison

So with all these interesting features at such a great price, how does the Little Tikes Double Fun Slide 'n Bounce compare to its main competitor, the Bounceland Magic Castle?

Little Tikes Double Fun Jump 'N Slide Bouncer

Bounceland Ultimate Combo Bounce House


A great value double slide bounce house perfect for kids parties
BounceLand Ultimate Combo Bounce House is a great bouncy castle for your kid's parties


Curved Second Slide

Netting keeps kids safe at all times

Curved Second Slide


Basketball Hoop


12.5 ft x 11 ft

12 ft x 10 ft


45 lbs + blower

45 lbs + blower


(check price on Amazon)

$$ (check price on Amazon)




As you can see, it's a definite toss up between the Little Tikes Double Fun Slide 'n Bounce and the Bounceland Ultimate Combo Bounce House.  Both are within the same price range.  However, the Little Tike's added safety features are much better.  The Bounceland on the other hand has more features for the kids to create games around.

Final Verdict

Buying the Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer is a great way to get your kids out of the house without blowing the budget.  The safety features on this inflatable house also can't be denied.  Someone at Little Tikes really put the time to make a product in line with how kids play.  

kid having fun in Little Tikes Double Slide N Fun inflatable bounce house

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