Inflatable Residential Water Slides And Bouncers All You Need To Know

Inflatable Residential Water Slides And Bouncers: All You Need To Know!

Water as a major site of attraction seems to have drawn many people both far and wide closer. It is also an excursion venue for most individuals and studies have also revealed that water parks, lagoons, and beaches are exciting places people would love to chill and have fun during summer seasons.

For kids, water slides and parks are those special places where parents would love them to visit when they are on any holiday or break to catch fun, get lively, meet new friends, and enjoy the water splashes on themselves.

The good news here is that we all don’t have to wait for that summer, Easter, Christmas break or any public holiday to enjoy the lovely waters. Even nowadays there are many risks attached to visiting the beach and public waters parks such as accidents, drowning, children losing parents as a result of the crowd.

Inflatable water slides and bouncers have come to stay and replaced such water parks and now with more fun to catch, lovely moments and memory that last, most importantly less risk attached to these residential indoor and outdoor slides and bouncers.

Great kudos to the best manufacturers that have brought fun closer to us and our kids by inventing the stand out bouncers and water slides of the best quality, some of which would be explained in details and properly grounded up so you won’t be a victim of purchasing that wrong product for your lovely kids.

Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bounce

Here is one of the best water park by Blast Zone. Let’s have a look at its features.


  • Standard quality surfaces for proper sliding
  • Has a space of occupying 5 people, can likely contain more than that for a big party
  • Fast inflation and enlargement duration of 2-3 minutes with the blower effect
  • Blowing device included in the pack
  • Super- stitched multiple strengthened assembly(double and quadruple)
  • Added X-weaved matter for more durability
  • An average of 96 inches high after erection and enlargement
  • It has a maximum weight of 85 pounds


  • Built to last for a long period of time
  • Easy to setup and less stressful
  • Spacious and large for kids to play in
  • Water wastage is minimal


  • It seems extra heavy while moving it
  • Its folding process is quite a hard one
  • Takes a long time while drying up
  • In the course of inflation, air escapes at times through the blower
  • Its tubings are not too strong enough
  • Takes more time while filling it up with water as a result of one source of water it has

Bounceland Jump and Splash Bounce House Bouncer

The second in the list is Bounceland Jump and Splash Bounce House Bouncer. Here are the features of the product


  • Rigid blower included in the pack
  • Maximum weight of 45 pounds
  • Inflator, repair kit and instructions manual included in the pack also
  • Heavily stitched with puncture proof matters
  • Can accommodate 3 kids at a time
  • An extra space for basketball sports in it
  • Consists of both wet and dry play ground


  • Wide, lengthy and vast area for sliding properly at both pool area and basketball hoop
  • Very easy and not stressful To take down with adequacy in packing away after use
  • Inflation takes an average of a minute and less stressful
  • Rigid and sturdy seams to hold the bounce properly
  • Alternatively, kids can choose to play dry on the basketball hoop or the bounce pool.


  • Smaller carrier bag compared to the size of the water slide and bouncer causing delay and stress to loosen and zipping up while packing
  • Cannot contain many kids in it at a time
  • Lesser and thin spacious slide and no traceable footsteps on slide surface
  • Basketball hoop in it consumes space

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

The last in the list is an inflatable slide bouncer form Tikes Rocky Mountain! Check out its amazing features.


  • It comes with a carrier bag and repair kit with instructions manual for setup
  • The average height of 101 inches.
  • A centered wall with inscribed steps in between for easy climbing steps
  • An added dump bucket for pouring of water on kids
  • A two-way slide surface for sliding into the splash pool
  • Comes with an average weight of 45 pounds
  • Can contain up to a maximum 350 pounds in weight
  • An average number of four kids can be contained in it


  • Readily suitable for wet and dry play so kids can choose either
  • A well-designed playing machine that comes in a colorful and attractive manner
  • Quite an easy process in setting up the slide
  • In its wet or dry nature, it is very easy to climb upon


  • Though easy to setup, it takes a longer time in doing so
  • Quite hard to package up after use
  • Its carrier bag is too tiny and rather small causing its rearrangement into the pack stressful
  • It can only be used publicly and in outdoor outside a yard, garden or compound
  • The test for quality is rather a sub standard one


In a short note, each of these products has been tested and trusted to be top notch In stores worldwide both online and the likes. They have proven to have made kids lively, fun filled, less bored and also made friends with each other in the course of sailing this baby water park.

Despite the fact that these kids newly found playing machines can make them go lively and happy, accident and mistakes still happen but they vary in the structure makeup and texture of the products and their manufacturers.

Little Tikes product have been that outstanding tool that most parents would choose for their kids due to its ease and weight. It contains climbing steps for them to tread upon, multiple slide surface apart from the center containing steps.

In addition to the center steps and two-way slides, it comes with a vast area splash pool and in term of structure too, it is conducive for kids to play on with lesser accidents recorded so far compared to other products. Weighing up the pros and cons, it has in-depth advantages compared to other products in the competition of water slides and bouncer producers.

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