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5 Ideas For More Bounce House Fun

Are your kids getting bored with the incredible bounce house you bought them? Or maybe you want to ​make playtime with the bouncer more engaging?

This article is for you!

Turn Your Bounce House Into a Ball Pit

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An interesting and easy way to spice up the jumping fun for your kids and their friends is by adding pit balls to the house.

Kids love these things.  

​They make goofy sounds when they move around, they're safe to throw at each other, and can't puncture or tear the bounce house!  Not to mention they add a splash of color to the back yard.

Now you're probably thinking "hey wait a second, aren't pit balls are expensive?"

You'd be surprised.

Buying 200 balls won't break the bank. Don't believe it?  Check out this Amazon best-seller:

Whichever balls you buy, make sure you get the ones that are pthalate and BPA-free.  If you have a toddler, the balls will inevitably come into contact with his or her mouth.

Pour the balls into the house and let your kids soar through the air right along with the balls.

Don’t fill the house up too much. This will allow space for the kids to jump around freely and without feeling overwhelmed.

A fun game they can play is jumping on the bouncer and seeing how far the balls go in the air.

Turn Your Bouncer Into An Art Studio

kid painting having fun

If your child is a “little Picasso,” or simply loves drawing or painting, why not take the opportunity to display it in the house?  This can also be a great way for the whole family to get involved and spend time together.

Purchase large drawing paper that you can stick to the walls of the bouncer.  There's great options out there, the easiest is those giant Post It notes you may have seen in business meetings: 

Let your kids draw, paint or color whatever they'd like.

Since you're bringing hard objects into the bounce house, it's important to make it clear that this activity isn't all about the bouncing.

You can create your own artwork with them as well. Just make sure you don't climb in the bouncer, as this could ruin or damage the inflatable.

When friends and family members come over, you can have them take turns bouncing through the house to look at and appreciate the artwork, just like a little art show. This is also an enjoyable activity for the older ones if they're interested in arts and crafts.

Balloon Fun

Filling up the bouncer with balloons is another way to entice your tiny jumpers.

The visual stimulus of jumping while surrounded by balloons floating up and down is great for kids.  The more colors the better!

This is also a great option for parents who have kids in different age groups.  For example, the older ones can have fun trying to make the balloons bounce while they jump off the bouncer's surface. 

Amazon is a great place to pick up balloons for dirt cheap: ​

If you decide to mix in balloons to a bouncing playtime, there's not just jumping on the menu.  You can create fun balloon games.

A fun game to play for kids of all ages is the Great Balloon Bounce Challenge.  Have the kids start from one side of the bouncer and move to the other while pushing a balloon with their foreheads. The one who gets to the other side first without falling or bouncing is the winner.  Trust us, this is a challenging one that'll make them use their problem-solving skills.

Blow-Up Toys

Assortment of Inflatable Blow Up Toys

​We're not talking about those lame pool toys we grew up with!

Depending on the size of your bouncer, adding small inflatable toys can boost bouncing fun.  They provide different sorts of games that add something more than bouncing.

What's great is that since they're inflatable and soft, they're safe for your kids if they stumble over them.  They're also safe for the bouncer and won't puncture the panels.

For example, check out this awesome inflatable basketball hoop: 

You can get crazy and toss in accessories and hats.

For example, inflatable pirate swords transform a regular bounce house play date into a swashbuckling adventure: 

​Inflatable toys double up in value for families that have a backyard pool.  The same toys that are fun for water games double up in the bounce house.

Even if you don't have a pool, inflatable toys add an immense amount of fun to any bounce house.

Trust us on this.

The toys keeps the attention in the bouncer since kids will have more options than just leaping around.

Nerf Shooting Gallery

Who doesn't love Nerf guns?  Who doesn't love bounce houses?  Ever thought of combining both?

A great game is to convert the bounce house into a Nerf shooting gallery.  Bounce houses are just a bit too small to safely let kids shoot Nerf darts at each other.  Plus, you should discourage hard objects into the bounce house for safety reasons.

The game is simple: setup a line from outside the inflatable castle, place targets inside the bounce house, and let kids fire off their Nerf guns at the targets!

If you're worried about budget (big Nerf guns can be expensive), there's an Amazon-exclusive for under $20: 

​For targets, you can tape a piece of paper to the opposite wall of the bouncer.  But paper targets can get boring after a while.

So why not go with something more dynamic?  Check out these soft foam "cans":

​Shooting something that reacts to impact is always way more fun.  Your kids will love seeing the foam cans bounce around the house after they shoot them up with soft darts.

We'll even venture to say you'll want to join in the action!​

Parents who aren't comfortable with their kids playing with toy guns can swap out the gun with a soft ball.​  It's just as fun for the kids.

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