Costzon Inflatable Crayon Bounce House Good Buy or Not

Costzon Inflatable Crayon Bounce House: Good Buy or Not?

Do you have a lot of space in your home and precocious kids who need plenty of exercise? How about getting a bounce house for your home? Bounce houses are a perpetual source of fun and laughter while providing a healthy and safe place for your kids to enjoy.

To further convince you about considering a bounce house for your home, here are some of their benefits:

1. It keeps kids entertained for hours. Just set up the bounce house and watch your kids and their friends zoom all over the bouncer. No need for other toys or entertainment. Play is guaranteed to last hours, or until the kids have spent all their energy.

2. It promotes lots of physical activities. Kids need to move, jump, run and lead a very active life. Physical activities help in your child’s growth, development, balance, and coordination. Bounce houses promote plenty of these types of exercises for a growing child.

Bounce houses also allow kids to spend excess energy so they’ll be calmer for later during dinner, family time, or other situations when it’s not necessary to be so active.

3. It encourages socialization. Put kids together in a fun environment and chances are, even if they’re strangers, they will soon be talking to each other and playing together.

4. It frees up time for the parents. Bouncers are great during parties because not only do they spell fun for kids but they also allow parents to tend to other duties or mingle with others without worrying about their children.

5. There are lots of themes to choose from. Bouncers come in all shapes and sizes. Each inflatable bouncer contains many different activities to suit each child.

6. It is economical. Bouncers generally don’t need much upkeep. Just set them up and use. They’re also pretty easy to keep clean and store away when not in use.

Have we sufficiently convinced you yet? If we have, then please read on. In this article, we’ll review the Costzon Inflatable Crayon Bounce House to help you decide whether it’s the right inflatable for you and your home.

The Costzon Inflatable Crayon Bounce House

The Inflatable Crayon Bounce House by Costzon is a heavy-duty bouncer made of puncture-proof 420D and 800D materials. It has double to quadruple stitches for durability and is easy to set up and take down.


  • Item Dimension: 108 x 144 x 90 inches
  • Inflated Size: 12′ X 9′ X 7.5′
  • Weight Supported: 300 lbs.
  • Package Inclusion: one inflatable castle, four ground stakes, one patch kit, one carrying bag, one instruction.
  • Item Weight: 33 lbs.
  • Recommended age: Three years and up.

The Pros

1. Price. The price of the Costzon Inflatable Crayon Bouncer is relatively inexpensive compared to its big size.

2. Roomy. The Costzon Bouncer is roomy enough for several kids to play in it comfortably all at the same time. The bouncer can support a maximum of 300 pounds in weight which could translate to about five or so kids.

3. Easy to Put up and Take Down. The bouncer does not need anything else other than a blower for inflating it and the stakes it comes with to set it on the ground. Storing it away is not a problem either. The bouncer only needs to be deflated and properly folded.

4. Durable. The Costzon Inflatable Crayon Bounce House is made of strong materials that will last your family years of fun. Double to quadruple stitches ensure enhanced sturdiness.

5. Easy Carry. The bouncer comes with a handy carrying bag for easy and convenient transport anywhere.

6. Easy Repair. The bouncer package comes with a patch kit for easy repair in case of any small puncture or rip.

The Cons

1. No Blower. The Costzon Inflatable Crayon Bounce House does not come with a blower for inflating the bouncer. The bouncer needs a larger blower of at least 600 watts, and this is sold separately.

2. Not for Older Kids. The Costzon bouncer spells fun for little kids but won’t accommodate children older than nine or ten.

3. Outdoor Use Only. The bouncer by Costzon is not recommended for indoor use because you can’t stake it down indoors to keep the bouncer secure during play.

Our Take

The Costzon Inflatable Crayon Bounce House is a reasonably-priced and durable bouncer that is ideal for small kids. This inflatable jumper can accommodate several small kids at once with room enough for each to play comfortably.

Setting up is easy and the package comes with a handy carry bag to make it convenient for you to bring the bouncer anywhere. However, it should be noted that since the blower is sold separately, it adds a bit more to your initial cost.

Product Comparison: The Blast Zone Little Bopper 2 Inflatable

We searched for a comparable product to the Costzon Inflatable Crayon Bounce House and found the Blast Zone Little Bopper 2. The Blast Zone Little Bopper 2 is an inflatable with reinforced seams and a commercial-grade floor.


  • Item Dimension: 90 x 72 x 60 inches
  • Inflated Size: 7.5′ X 6′ X 5′
  • Weight Supported: 150 lbs.
  • Package Inclusion: 1 Bounce House, 1 Blower
  • Item Weight: 29 lbs.
  • Recommended age: 36 months to six years.

Like the Costzon Inflatable Crayon Bounce House, the Blast Zone Little Bopper 2 is effortless to set up. However, unlike the Costzon product, the Blast Zone comes with its own blower which can inflate the jumper in under a minute. Taking down is just as painless. Detaching the blower from the inflatable will deflate it automatically. The bouncer can also be used both indoors or outdoors without needing any special equipment to secure it to the ground.

Our Verdict

Both inflatables are within the same price and weight range. Although the Blast Zone weighs a few pounds lighter than the Costzon, the Costzon has a bigger play area and can support double the weight that the Blast Zone Little Bopper 2 can. The Costzon Inflatable Crayon Bounce House can also accommodate far more kids at one time (about five) than the recommended two children maximum of the Blast Zone.

The Costzon Inflatable Crayon Bounce House is a good buy. For a reasonable price, you get a heavy-duty item that will last for many years. While the Blast Zone Little Bopper 2 is a solid inflatable, the Costzon Inflatable Crayon Bounce House is the much better product.

The jumper is not only for very small kids but can also provide entertainment for children up to nine or ten years old. It is also roomy enough to accommodate not only your kids but their friends as well, perfect for times when you are entertaining or during parties.

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