Ultimate Combo Bounce House Review

Bounceland Ultimate Combo Bounce House Review

If you want your kids to have the ultimate fun this summer, why not buy them a reliable and safe bounce house designed by one of the best brands on the market. Bounceland is reputed as being a creative bounce house manufacturing company that emphasizes on durable and innovative products.  The Ultimate Combo Bounce House is a great addition to their product line of great bounce houses.

The most noticeable feature of the Ultimate Combo is the incorporated slide feature.  In reviewing this bounce house, we found some issues with the slide but it's nothing that can't be overcome with proper supervision.

Girl playing in Combo Bounce House


The Ultimate Combo is packed with tons of interesting features that make it a good all around purchase.  Let's take a look:

Fun Slide

The most notable feature of the Ultimate Combo is the integrated slide.  Kids can climb to the top of the structure and slide (or bounce back down).  Features like these always make great hits at parties.

Kids love the slide as it's an added activity other than the standard jumping around.  From a parenting perspective, climbing to the top also adds a different kind of physical activity for the kids.  They have to use their upper body which also promotes hand-eye coordination skills.

The manufacturer states that the slide was designed for multiple kids to come down from.  However, we recommend you only let one kid slide down at a time.  In our opinion, there's a few issues with how the slide was designed that aren't conducive to multiple children bouncing around the way down safely.

Our main issue with the slide is the height of the side guards.  We don't feel comfortable with how far they extend upwards.  If kids start to rough house at the top or while sliding down, one could easily fall out.  This problem is completely negated if only one kid is allowed at a time.

Added Functionality

We always like to see bounce house manufacturers integrate features with kids in mind.  Bounceland added a basketball hoop in the main bounce area.  This tiny addition actually makes a big difference as it gives kids yet another activity to spend their energy on.

The second ​function we appreciated is the divider in the middle of the bouncer area.  It's got two holes which gives kids an obstacle to play with.  They'll use it to play tag or as cover when tossing balls at each other.  While it cuts the total amount of bounce area in half, it adds more play activities than the standard square of most inflatable bouncers.

All in all, the Ultimate Combo Bounce House isn't just a glorified trampoline.  It's an inflatable play structure meant for kids to play on rather than just jump and down.  Kids aren't likely to get bored with it over time.

Good Accommodation

The Ultimate Combo inflatable house can accommodate up to 6 children at a time.  It's quite rare to find bounce houses that can accommodate so many kids simultaneously at this price point.  That said, the main bounce area isn't the largest and we recommend limiting the number of kids to 4.  Maybe we're overcautious but in our opinion, too many kids bouncing around at the same time is a safety issue in itself.

Use The Pegs!

The integrated slide makes this bounce house taller than others.  This means it's more susceptible to catch wind.  If you get a large inflatable like this one, be sure to use the pegs provided by the manufacturer to secure the structure firmly to the ground.  

Over Sized Air Blower

Bounceland shines through by providing a blower that is over sized for the inflatable.  We've found that every pressurized surface was amply taunt.  This is quite impressive when you consider that the Ultimate Combo has inflatable pillars on the second level to hold the slide together.  Even with 4 kids in the bounce area, 1 bouncing down the slide and another climbing to the top, at no point did the inflatable house loose any pressure.  The blower inflates the entire structure in under 5 minutes. 

The added benefit of a powerful blower is that it reduces wear and tear on the stitching.  When a bounce house is under inflated, the fabric has more slack in it.  This slack causes more tension in the stitching and over time it can come apart quicker.​

Easy Setup

Like all modern bounce houses, the Ultimate Combo is simple and easy to setup.  Just beware that when rolled for storage, the unit and blower weigh close to 65 lbs.  Getting the bag to the party area will require some effort on your parent.  It's not the heaviest package out there, but smaller parents need to keep this in mind.

Durable Stitching

The fabric of the main bounce area is quadruple stitched which is quite impressive given industry standards.  We can't foresee it giving away under normal conditions.  Odds are, your kids will outgrow this bouncy castle.


The product comes with a 90-day warranty and can be easily exchanged if there is a defect.  If you buy through a large site like Amazon, returns are a breeze.  This isn't to be discounted as shipping back a 65 lbs package can be costly.

Given the quality materials and stitching that went into the Ultimate Combo, we don't think you'll need to worry about returns.  Bounceland prides itself in the durability and top notch construction of their bounce houses.

What Do Others Say?

Bounceland's Ultimate Combo Bounce House has a great rating on Amazon and the majority of buyers are happy with the product.

Some state that the inflatable castle is ideal for kids aged from 3 to 10. Many parents are absolutely in love with the product as the integrated slide gives the kids an extra activity to do.  Speaking of the integrated slide, many purchasers had the same observation we had about the guards not being tall enough.  Like our own review, parents limit the slide to one kid at a time.

Parents are also pleased with the mesh netting surrounding the walls of the bounce house.  However, others don't like that the meshing doesn't close on one wall.  This lets balls come out.  To be fair, this can become irritating for the parent who always has to throw the balls back into the bounce house. 

BounceLand Ultimate Combo Bounce House is a great bouncy castle for your kid's parties

Final Verdict

We gave this bouncer a 4 star review.  Overall, it inflates quickly and is spacious for multiple kids to play at once.  However, the issues with the slide (although manageable) forced us to reduce the rating.  We were impressed with how much this bouncy castle costs given the amount of features it has and the quality of the construction.  This is a great value purchase and we highly recommend it.

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