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Bounceland Royal Palace Bounce House Review

​Purchasing an inflatable bounce house can be a difficult decision for many parents, especially when backyard space is limited.  Buy a bouncer that's too simple and the kids won't enjoy it.  Buy one that's too big and it won't be usable right away if the children are too young.

The Bounceland Royal Palace fixes this dilemma by offering a combination of a traditional bounce area with a second floor slide.  Although simple in its design, the Royal Palace has features that will make it a hit for kids of various ages, all while maintaining a small footprint for suburban families.


The Royal Palace hits that sweet spot between value, size and added features.  It features a second floor slide accessible from within the bouncer.  Bounceland added a few extra safety features that make this bounce house a a positive winner.  Here are some of the main features of this inflatable: 

Second Floor Slide

Long slide in this inflatable bounce house

The most interesting feature of this bounce house is the large second floor slide.  Kids can access it from within the main area.  To get to the top of the slides, Bounceland created a small wall with grips to climb up. The climb shouldn't be difficult for most kids, although very young toddlers (1-2 years old) could find it challenging.

Once at the top of the slide, a large inflatable wall keeps kids from falling over.  A small cushion at the bottom of the slide gets kids back on the ground safely.

We found that the slide is long enough for kids to have fun on but slopped at the right angle that they can't build up too much speed and risk injuring themselves.  Even if a kid jumps from the top of the slide, there is enough slack in the fabric that it will safely catch him or her.

Large Bounce Area

Normally, when a company adds features like slides or obstacles to an inflatable, they skip out on the main bounce area​.  However, the Royal Palace's measures 8.5 x 7 feet. This is much larger than its main competitor's, the Little Tikes Double Fun 'n Slide, which measures only 5 x 4 feet of bounce area.  

This extra large bounce area means that more kids can play inside the structure. Bounceland recommends a maximum of 5 kids at one time, or a total load of 500lbs (100lbs maximum per kid).  Most bouncers in this pricepoint and with similar features only go up to 300lbs, or 3 children.

Overhead Cover For Hot Summer Days

For families living in hot areas, the Royal Palace offers a convenient tarp over the main bounce area.  This is great for keeping kids protected from the hot sun when playing.  Bounceland went the extra mile by making this tarp removable via velcros.  This is convenient if ever the temperature is a bit too low to play in the shade.

Royal Palace Bounce House Basketball Hoop

Bonus ​Basketball Hoop

​Inside the main bounce area, the Royal Palace features an integrated basketball hoop.  This simple addition adds variety to the activities kids can play in the bouncer.

Safety Features

​When it comes to safety features, the Royal Palace is a definitive winner.  First off, the jumping area is completely surrounded by mesh walls.  These keep kids from falling out.  The entrance to the bounce area is through these meshes and is very narrow.  It's kept shut by velcros.

A safety feature we really enjoyed was the mesh ceiling located at the top of the slide.  This prevents kids from standing while at the highest point of the structure and possibly falling out.  The way Bounceland set it up, once a child climbs to the top of the slide, he or she can only sit and then slide down.

Materials And Stitching

The fabric of this bounce house are of good quality.  We're impressed at the mesh netting and how it's solid enough to stop even a 10 year old.  We can't foresee it giving wearing out under normal conditions.


  • Slide is long and steep, suits all ages
  • ​Suitable for wide range of ages
  • ​Large main bounce area
  • Mesh netting keeps kids safe


  • Too tall to fit inside a basement and most living rooms

What Others Say

The Royal Palace gets tons of positive reviews.  At this price point and with the features we described above, we understand why.  

Most parents with families with wide age ranges liked how it was suitable for their toddlers and children alike.  The large bounce area and slide decreases the chances of bigger kids colliding with smaller ones.  

this inflatable bouncer fits indoors

Some parents noted that they were able to their units up in their garages on rainy days.  We've even found videos of parents setting up their units indoors!​

The main criticism most parents have are with regards to the stakes provided with the unit.  They can be difficult to secure into the ground properly.  That said, this criticism is common with most inflatable bounce houses.  This is because the stakes are usually make of plastic and feel like they could deform if put under too much pressure.  To fix this issue, we usually recommend buying metal stakes used for camping.  They are sturdier and easier to push into the ground. 

A few parents noted the safety features of this unit, especially the top netting that keeps kids from falling off the slide.  We couldn't find instances of parents reporting an injury on this unit.

One minor criticism we found for this unit is the lack of secondary slide to access or leave the main bounce area.  This makes for a challenging climb and potentially steep descent for a toddler.  A child slipping out of the bounce area could fall up to two feet.  That's why we always recommend placing a gym mat near the entrance.

Market Comparison

So how does the Bounceland Royal Palace Bounce House compare to its main competitor, the Little Tikes Double Fun Jump 'N Slide Bouncer?

Bounceland Royal Palance Bounce House

Little Tikes Double Fun 'N Slide Bounce House


Long slide in this inflatable bounce house
A great value double slide bounce house perfect for kids parties


One Main Large Slide

Very Large Bounce Area

Tarp for Shade

Two Slides


Basketball Hoop


13 ft x 12 ft

12.5 ft x 11 ft


60 lbs + blower

45 lbs + blower


$$$ (check price on Amazon)

$ (check price on Amazon)




Final Verdict

Buying the Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer is a great way to get your kids out of the house without blowing the budget.  The safety features on this inflatable house also can't be denied.  Someone at Little Tikes really put the time to make a product in line with how kids play.  

Kids playing around Royal Palace

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