Bounceland Castle Inflatable Bouncer Review

Bounceland Castle Inflatable Bouncer Review

When it comes to fun for kids, there is nothing better than getting them an inflatable bounce castle. You'll never have to scratch your head again figuring out what fun and productive activities you should keep your children engaged in.

Bounceland Castle W/Hoop with children.

Bounce houses are becoming increasingly popular in the US.  Kids love them and they're getting cheaper every year. Bounceland is a company that's been at the forefront of the affordable inflatable play structure market for a few years.  Their products are well-built and extremely affordable.

This is where the Bounceland Castle with Hoop comes in. It's a great entry-level bouncer that's easy to set up, inflates quickly and is safe.


This is an entry-level bounce house with no bells and whistles.  However, don't let its simplicity fool you.  This is an extremely high-value inflatable.  It's also a great option for parents who aren't sure if it's right for their family and want to test the waters. Let's take a look at some of the features the Bounceland Castle has to offer.

Mesh and Netted Walls

The design of the product reflects the manufacturer's emphasis on safety. The walls of the bounce castle are covered with durable and strong mesh netting that prevents kids from accidentally falling off the main bounce area.  We prefer bounce houses that use mesh netting for two reasons.  First, it keeps kids cool during hot summer days as it lets the wind pass through.  Second, it allows parents to supervise their kid's playtime from any angle.

Fun Slide For Safe And Easy Access

A great feature of the Bounceland Castle is the front slide.  It's a great way for toddlers to easily access the bounce area without the help of adults.  It also makes it easy for them to safely leave the bounce area.  Being focused on safety, we also like it because it catches any kids who may accidentally happen to fall out during rough play.

Bounceland did a great job integrating the slide into the design of the castle.  The mesh netting in front of the slide is only big enough for a child to go through.  It also covers that gap between the side of the wall and the edge of the slide.  We've seen other bouncers with a gap between the two and it can sometimes result in kids falling from the main bounce area onto the ground.

...And it Comes With a Basketball Hoop 

After a while, kids get bored of bouncing around.  The basketball hoop is a great addition as it gives them the option of playing other games.  They can go for long shot three-pointers or even have a dunking competition.  The hoop is actually inflated so there's no risk of anyone banging their hands, arms or heads on a hard surface.

Quickly Inflates

Like most modern bounce houses, this model comes with an air blower that supplies constant pressure to the unit.  It needs to stay plugged in during play time.  The blower provides enough pressure for kids to play so that the panels stay firm.  For the parents, it takes no more than 2 minutes to inflate this structure. 

Small But Adaptable

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the Bounceland Castle is its size.  When fully inflated, it spans an area of 9 x 12 feet with a height of 7 feet.  This means it can fit inside a room with standard ceilings and most basements!  Being able to fit a bounce house inside is a great feature for parents.  Rainy day and kids are getting out of control?  No problem, setup the bouncy castle in the basement and let them play!

Portability and Easy Storage

The best thing about top quality bounce houses like the Bounceland Castle is that they're easy to move around.  Weighing a mere 40 lbs, the inflatable is easy to move in and out of storage by most parents.  Its small size and light weight makes it portable to locations other than your house. The Bounceland Castle can be brought to any event: from a regular visit to the grandparents to a weekend at a camping ground.  Just be sure to bring a protective tarp to place under the bounce house.  This will avoid any objects like roots and twigs from damaging the fabric.

Made With Quality Materials

The Bounceland Castle is made from safe and durable materials such as Terylene and PVC.  These fabrics are industry standard and if you follow the manufacturer's instructions (ie taking shoes off, emptying your kid's pockets) your kids will outgrow the bounce house.

Quadruple Stitching

The castle is stitched with quadruple seams.  Again, follow the manufacturer's recommendations (ie don't let adults bounce, only bounce when fully inflated) and the stitches will last for years.

What Others Say

The product enjoys a great rating on and parents are absolutely in love with the product. One buyer stated just how easy and quick it is to inflate.

Similar to our own observations, parents appreciated the small entrance as it ensures safety and containment for the kids.  We couldn't find instances of kids falling from the main bounce area and onto the hard ground.  Given that it's one of the most popular bounce houses on Amazon, this is pretty impressive.

A good number of parents suggest buying play balls along with the bouncy castle.  We agree with this recommendation as it will go well with the integrated basketball hoops.  We suggest the extremely affordable 100 Wonder Crush-Proof Play Ball option offered by Amazon.  It even comes with a mesh bag.

A few parents reported allowing more than the recommended 3 kids in at one time.  The castle held up fine which is a testament to the quality of the construction.  However, having so many kids bouncing around in a small area led to minor bumps and scratches.  Please follow the manufacturer's recommendations!  As we've noted in previous articles, allowing too many kids in a bounce house can lead to premature wear of the seams.

Bounceland Castle W/Hoop on white background.

Final Verdict

If you're not sure if your kids are into bounce houses but want to test the waters, this is the model for you.  Selling under $300 on Amazon, if you deploy it more than once it'll pay for itself. 

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