Bounce House Safety Guide

Bounce House Safety Guide

There is no question about it; parents of young children constantly seek out ways to keep their children engaged in productive and healthy activities. Children are also looking for new and interesting ways to keeping themselves entertained.

However, when it comes to play time, no parent should ever underestimate the chances and the risk of their children being exposed to possible injury and trauma.

Happy children playing in bounce house.

Sure, bounce houses, play grounds, fun equipment for kids do offer a chance to play outside in the sun and fresh air - exercising their bodies, developing stronger bones and helping to learn how to balance themselves. But, precautions should be taken when engaging in any type of active play.

The fact remains you always have to be vigilant and keep any eye on everything that goes on, especially when it comes to a bounce house or inflatable castle.

Thousands of kids are injured each year with minor and serious injuries inside play structures. Some of them have to be rushed to the ER, while some get away with scrapes and scratches.

This is why there is nothing more important than supervising your kids when they are up and about, bouncing with other kids in the castle. You have to teach them to be safe and not do anything too silly. If they understand the rules of playing inside a bounce house, you will not have to worry about the children being seriously injured.

Parent Supervision

Supervising your kids using playground equipment safely and with consideration will go a long way in always keeping the away from physical harm and injury. You have to tell them never to unsafely use playground equipment.

Parent supervision on bounce house.

On top of that, always go to a playground or use a bouncy castle location where you will have a clear view of what your kid is doing at all time.

In the worse case an injury occurs, you can administer first aid or take them straight to the hospital without delaying the situation.

Moreover, it is also important to remember that kids under ten are typically not able to gauge or foresee a situation where they can be badly injured.

Plus, kids always have a knack of pushing their limits to impress parents and friends, which at times can backfire. It is important that you never encourage this. Always keep your children in line when it come to playground safety rules.

Injuries Related To Bouncy Castles And Inflatable Houses Are Increasing

There was a study published in 2012, which highlighted the number of injuries sustained by children playing on bouncing houses. The data was compiled for years 1990 to 2010.

As per the report, it was revealed that over 64,000 kids has to be treated in the emergency rooms in US hospitals as a result of mild to severe injuries caused by playing on bouncing castles. You have to understand that similar to the trampoline, these inflatable and bouncy fun houses have risks if not properly supervised.

But this isn't to discourage you letting your children you play in them. The fact of the matter is, there isn't anything wrong with the bouncing houses, however, the problem lies with incorrectly installing them, product defects, improper anchoring, surface inadequacies, and strong winds. These are all factors that can, and have, led to injuries.

For example, with powerful winds blowing and improper anchoring the bouncing house can become airborne, which is what causes children bouncing around to fall from dangerous heights that result in severe injuries.

You have to keep in mind that although top-notch bounce houses are designed with a specific focus on child safety, maintaining the bounce house and ensuring it is properly set up is your responsibility.

Bounce houses have to be maintained, especially when you use it more frequently. You must always inspect the installation of the product and regulate each guideline highlighted in the manufacturer's manual.

Bounce house initial setup gear.

It doesn’t matter whether you rent the inflatable bouncing house or buy the product itself, you have to follow the instructions printed plainly in the manual.

There are strict guidelines and adequate methods of anchoring the bounce house that you should follow.

Moreover, all bounces comes with weight limits.

For instance, if the product is designed accommodate 6 children at a time, never overload the bounce house with more than 6 children otherwise you will risk damaging the inflatable house and it could collapse, injuring all the children.

In addition, the instruction manual also states the type of weather you should avoid setting up the inflatable bounce house.

Precautions For Parents Looking To Buy Or Rent Inflatable Castles/Houses For Children

Before you decide to either buy or rent an inflatable castle, there are some very important considerations to keep in mind. These are:

  • Ensure that you follow the instruction manual given to you by the supplier down to the last letter when it comes to installation methodologies, and use the equipment provided properly.
  • If you are renting the product, you should always ask for the instruction manual and read all the safety precautions. Do not rent or buy a bouncy house if it doesn’t come with a detailed manual on how you can safely install it.
  • When renting the bounce house always ask the supplier if they can show you data or records of any children being injured using the product in the past. If so, what kind of precautionary measures were taken to avoid mishaps and accidents.
  • ​This is also true for parents looking to buy a bounce house. However, if the supplier says that there have never been any accidents using the product, be wary. You have to keep in mind the chances of broken bones, ankle sprains, cut and bruises are quite high when it comes to boisterous fun activities that involve kids.

List Of Important Guidelines For Parents Looking To Rent/Buy A Bounce House

  • Never compromise or neglect any safety precaution or procedure when installing the bounce house no matter how small it is. You have to follow the manual and install the product properly. Pay special attention to the anchoring methods stated in the manual to prevent the house being blown away in mild winds.
  • Do not set it up near trees or branches or any other place where the child go fall and seriously injure himself.
  • ​Always tell your kids to take off their shoes, glass or any type of jewelry, which could damage the bounce house and hurt the other kids.
  • ​If you see any of the kids with a sharp object in their pockets - for example, a pencil or a pen, a set of keys, etc. tell them to empty everything before stepping inside the bouncing house.
  • Make sure to pair your kids with other children who have the same weight and body type - pairing your children with older kids can result in injuries as a result of pulling or pushing whenever your kids collide with a bigger kid.
  • ​Refrain from allowing an adult or kid that is bigger than the weight of the inflatable castle or its height. If the manual says NO ADULTS, it means NO ADULTS.
  • Make sure the kids don't take anything to eat inside the bounce castle. Check them for bottles, plates, spoons, forks, and glasses.
  • Tell the children not to push other kids off the bouncing house slide. There shouldn’t be any pushing at all. If the product is walled - ask your kids not to jump from those walls.
  • Select an area to inflate the bounce house where you know you will be able to keep an eye on the kids. If you see that you can't, deflate the product and set it up somewhere with clear visibility.
  • Always follow the instruction pertaining to the total limit of children that can play inside the bounce house. If the manual say 'no more than 6 kids at a time', then don't try to squeeze in a seventh kid.
  • It is important to instruct the kids no to ever attempt and climb the walls of the bounce house. The kid could easily flip and land on the pavement below badly injuring himself.

Bottom Line

Overall, these are some very important guidelines and tips to keep your child safe and protected whenever they use a bounce house. Have fun, but never compromise on the safety of your child.

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