Our Review: Blast Zone Superstar Inflatable Bouncer

blastzone superstar bounce house

The Blast Zone Superstar Inflatable Bouncer is a basic yet fun-filled bounce house.  

It's essentially one giant bounce area Contrary to competitors of its size that can hold a maximum of three toddlers, the Blast Zone Superstar can accommodate up to 5!  

Designed and manufactured by the famous Blast Zone (they've been around for years), the product is safe and reliable.  As we'll examine later in this article, it offers plenty of features for your kids to have a blast while remaining safe.  

What’s more, it is easily portable so you can take it anywhere. It stores easily in the trunk of a car and it's straightforward to set up.  That means you can bring it to birthday parties or any other place (as long as there's a power outlet).

The only downside?  Not many features like basketball hoops, climbing structures or secondary slides.  This means you'll have to get creative in keeping your kids interested in the bouncer with games and activities.​


So what is it about the Superstar that makes it so appealing to kids and parents alike? Let's take a closer look:

Protective Netting

blastzone x-weave fabric

This is more of a "for parents" features but it's important.  The walls surrounding the inflatable house are made of durable mesh netting.

Yup, that means no toddlers hurling off the bounce area and hurting themselves.

As an added bonus, the mesh netting gives parents a convenient way to keep an eye on their kids without having to climb into the structure themselves.

The stitching of the netting is tripled so it's unlikely to wear out during the years you'll own the bouncer.

All this to say, the mesh netting gives you peace of mind while your kids can goof around in the bounce house safely.  In today's busy world, that's worth something right?

Straightforward Design

The design of the Moonwalk bounce house is quite simple.

There's nothing but bounce area!  Check it out:

blastzone superstar bounce house

You see any bells and whistles?  Nope.

That's not a bad thing either: more space for kids to jump around means less chances injuries.  It also makes for more entertaining play time since each kid won't have to worry about intruding in another's personal space

Ease of Installation

Ok another "for parents" feature.  As one parent to another, let's be honest here.  If the bounce house is a pain to set up, are you really going to deploy it regularly for your kids?

Probably not right?

Well luckily, you don’t have to worry about the hassle when you choose the Blast Zone Superstar Inflatable Party Bouncer.

Just unfold the structure, connect the blower and let it inflate.  While that's going on, secure the structure to the ground with stakes​ (and yes, that's actually really important to do).  So how long does it take to set it all up?  It depends: 

  • 5 minutes - if it's your first time
  • 2 minutes - for most experienced bounce house parents
  • 1 minute 45 seconds - if you're us... ok fine, we owned a bounce house rental company and have done it a million times.
blast zone superstar inflating

Point is.  If you can prop up a tent or build an Ikea coffee table, you can set this up quickly.

​Stores Easily

Nothing much to say here.  Once its folded up and strapped, it takes the same room as a large sleeping bag.  You'll need a bit of room to store the blower.

Perfect for Large Families

If you’ve ever purchased a bouncy castle before or have been reading up on the topic, you know there's a manufacturer's recommended limit for use.  

Most bounce houses in this price range and size recommend a maximum of 3 kids in the bounce house at any time.

But guess what?

The Blast Zone Superstar accommodates up to 5 kids!  That's significant and makes a big difference during birthday parties when more than a few kids want to play at one time.

Blast Zone lots of kids fit in bouncer

This extra capacity is also great for large families that have kids of multiple age ranges.  It's not ideal to have a medley of toddlers bouncing around in close proximity.  Especially if the age gap is significant (ie a 3 year old playing around 6 year old). 

Luckily with the extra capacity, they'll have tons of space to do their own thing.

Durable Materials

We're not going to spend much time raving about this, but the construction of this bouncer is on par with industry leaders like Little Tikes and Bounceland.

Blast Zone Superstar inflatable bouncer with kids.

Everything is well-stitched and made with high-quality materials.  You feel it when you get your hands on it.  This isn't a cheapo made in China toy.

Blast Zone uses a special type of vinyl called X-Weave.  It's worth mentioning that of all its competitors, this "X-Weave" is remarkably puncture resistant.  That's a handy feature since none of us have yards free of twigs or small rocks (or kids dragging in whatever sharp object with them in the bounce house).​

Needless to say, the Blast Zone Superstar bounce house is prepared to withstand heavy use and abuse.

High Number of Anchor Points

Ok, the last "for parents" feature.  Promised!​

The high number of anchor points is a big safety feature we can't ignore.

If you've ever dealt with a wayward bounce house on a windy day, you understand how important it is to secure inflatables down when they are being used outside.

An improperly anchored bounce house is a recipe for disaster.

The Blast Zone Superstar comes with multiple anchor points to keep the inflated bounce castle stuck in one place.  Of course, if its especially windy (ie not just a breeze), please do not deploy any bounce house.

So far so good?  Let's move on to where we can find and buy this bouncer.

Buying Advice

How can you get your hands on one of these highly rated inflatable bouncers? The answer is simple! Amazon.  Free shipping and it's the cheapest place we could find it.  Check out the latest price:

You might find some sellers offering this bouncer for a slight price discount, but beware of knock offs. When in doubt, always go for reputable sellers like Amazon.

Final Verdict

To sum it all up, this bounce house is reliable and has all the safety features parents wants.

Whether you have a large family or you’re looking for some entertainment for an upcoming gathering, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to maximize the fun while maintaining safety when you chose to purchase the Blast Zone Superstar.

In this market, there's only two other major competitors the Superstar: Little Tikes Jump 'N Slide and the Bounceland Castle or you can read our comparison article of all three.

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